About Us

Hi, we're Flightfox!

We're a team of software engineers and travel experts changing the way companies travel. No competitor comes close to our technical expertise in helping teams travel better for less.

Who is Flightfox?

Flightfox is an online platform that books and manages travel for you and your team. We use software and genuine human expertise to save you more money and help you travel better than any competitor, guaranteed.

To understand exactly how we're different, please read our manifesto below.

Our Manifesto

Travel Better With Us

Travel is complex. But where there is complexity, there is great hidden value. Business travelers get access to more of this hidden value than leisure travelers. They spend more money and travel more often, which is fuel for opportunity. Airline and hotel loyalty programs are designed specifically for these frequent travelers.

With so many opportunities to save and travel better, you would expect to see many corporate travel managers delivering exceptional value. But you don’t.

Guarantee Savings Over Retail

No other corporate travel manager guarantees savings over retail. They also do not help with credit card rewards, loyalty benefits, airline miles, hotel points, visa requirements, localized emergency support or airport lounge access.

The industry is in this state because corporate travel managers rely on hidden commissions and cannot afford to help in situations that do not pay commissions.


Flightfox is a Y Combinator company with a global group of investors.