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Get access to the world’s largest travel inventory and our #1 rated Customer Care Team with our flat pricing.

USD 20

Flat fee for each of the following:

  • Per way per passenger for flights

  • Per hotel room

  • Per vacation rental booking

  • Per car, ferry, bus, train, any mode of transport

  • Per insurance policy

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Full Feature List

  1. Bookings

    1. Flights

    2. Hotels

    3. Rental Cars

    4. Trains/Bus/Ferry

    5. Venues

  2. inventory

    1. All online agencies

      We search ALL inventory

      No other travel manager searches all possible travel inventory. This isn't hyperbole; it's a fact. Ask your current travel manager if they proactively search Kayak. Or if you really want to test them, ask if they buy miles directly from airlines to save on business-class flights. All will say No!

      We search all inventory by combining software with human expertise. The software side searches more options faster than any human, while the human side searches in places that current technology simply cannot handle. Together, using software and human expertise will maximize your savings, guaranteed!

    2. Package hacks

      We are experts in package deals

      As you may know, package deals with flights and hotels can really help you save. But did you know you can also buy package deals for less than just the flights alone? It's not only possible, but common. We are experts in finding these package deals and use this as part of our complex strategy to help you save.

      Literally no other corporate travel manager will help you save with package deals. Don't believe us, just ask. If you really want to test them, ask for a package deal, but tell them you don't want a hotel, you just want to save on your flights. We can do this because we combine software with human expertise.

    3. Other hacks & tricks

      An encyclopedia of travel hacks

      Ever seen a "Hacker Fare" on Kayak? They combine two one-way flights to save you a lot of money. But that's barely the tip of the iceberg. There are many more ingenious strategies for spending less. These hacks not only save money, but bring comfortable and convenient travel options into your budget too.

      At Flightfox, we don't hire travel agents, we only hire travel experts who can add to our encyclopedia of hacks. Sure, we use these hacks for our own travel, but we use them for you too. How can you be sure? Our business model directly incentivizes our travel experts to help you save (see the Pricing section).

    4. Your own corporate rates

    5. We negotiate new corporate rates

  3. integrations

    1. FlightAware status updates

    2. TripIt integration

    3. Google Calendar

    4. Semi-automated check-in

    5. Custom integrations

  4. management

    1. Trips & transactions reports

    2. Discounts to retail reports

      The proof is in the reporting

      We are the only travel manager that offers a discounts-to-retail report because we are the only travel manager that believes in our discounts. Sure, everyone will say they can save you 20, 30 or 40%, but where's the proof. We show the strategy, lowest retail price and total savings for every. single. trip.

      Internally, we are impossibly strict with our savings criteria and calculations. We don't use any ol' retail price for the comparison; we use the lowest publicly available online price. The actual strategy we use must also follow strict guidelines to ensure there is never any doubt over how much we saved you.

    3. Travel policy & approvals

    4. Dedicated travel manager

    5. Unlimited custom reports

    6. Multiple corporate entities

  5. points/miles

    1. Request points/miles bookings

    2. Proactive points/miles bookings

      We intelligently use your points

      With our Corporate and Enterprise plans, we help you use your points and miles to save money. As you may know, companies can earn three types of points: credit card points, individual loyalty points, and corporate loyalty points. You can earn all three at the same time, depending on your setup.

      With other travel managers you must specifically ask to use points on a trip. Even if you ask they won't have the expertise to book the best option at the best rate. We keep a record of your points balances and only use those points when it makes the most sense and saves the most money.

    3. Credit card point optimization

      Maximum returns on credit cards

      With our Corporate and Enterprise plans (for companies based in the US), we can help you optimize your credit card setup for maximum returns (this only works in the US because interchange fees are so high and so credit card providers offer greater benefits). The returns are often astounding.

      We can deliver returns of 5 to 25% by optimizing how you use credit cards for your travel bookings. This involves using the right card for the right type of travel with the right providers, and redeeming your points for the right travel too. You don't spend a cent more on your travel, it just requires expertise.

  6. payments

    1. Credit/debit card

    2. Prepayment & reconciliation

    3. Weekly invoicing & reconciliation

  7. pricing

    1. Trip Fees - Book/change/cancel

      Example: Trip fee

      Let's say you need a round-trip flight between China and Europe. Our booking fee is USD 20 each way. Now let's say you also need a hotel for 10 nights, that's another 20. In total, the trip fee is 60. For this fee, we search, book, alert of delays, submit loyalty programs, crosscheck bookings for changes, upload receipts, provide reports, and much more.

    2. Weekly invoicing & reconciliation

      USD 200/month