5 Festivals, 6 Weeks, 3 Continents

The Rules

  • Travel for 6 weeks to the 5 different cities for each festival
  • All flights to be available for 2 people with 1 checked bag
  • Arrive and depart at least one day each side of the festival
  • Depart and end in New York

The Result: $1,777

The winning expert found all flights for just US$1,777 (inclusive of all taxes and surcharges). This is much cheaper than what we (the Flightfox team) had guessed, which was about $2,500. 

The few negatives of the itinerary are a 5 hour stopover in Dusseldorf on the way to London, and a 15 hour stopover in Dusseldorf on the way to Chicago. The positives are firstly the price, but also the majority of flights only stop once for an average of 2 hours, and airlines include Air Berlin, British Airways, Delta and Lufthansa.

All flight details are at this bottom of this post, or to see the prices that other experts found, check out the contest here: Music Festival Contest.

The Music + Accom: $1,800

The flights are only one part of the whole package though, based on 2012 prices this is what we have estimated the tickets to be.

  • Glastonbury = $350 - cost of camping site included
  • Roskilde = $310 - cost of camping site included
  • Benicassim = $200 - cost of camping site included 
  • Fuji Rock = $600 - cost of camping site included
  • Lollapalooza = $340 - average cost of hostel included
  • Total for all tickets = US$1,800

The Total: $3,577

Who would have thought that the cost of international flights visiting 3 continents, would be less than the cost of 5 festival tickets?!

So the total cost to visit 5 of the best music festivals around the world comes to approx $3,600, a tent and 6 delicious weeks off work! Who's up for it?

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